All-Inclusive Services, NDA, Daily Work Reports, Free 5 Day Trial Period.

All You Need is One Super
Virtual Assistant

Let your Virtual Assistant handle 90+ tasks that keep you busy right from the start .

Let us manage your calls & emails, keep a track on work progress & follow ups and discuss pending tasks with your team & vendors .

Let us manage your work flawlessly and be on top of everything , So you & your team can

Focus on what is Important .




 Keep adding & CUSTOMISING more TASKS  over time .

We Become Better, Together.

Image you get a new lead via phone call, your Virtual Assistant will know how to answer the call, take & give information, Be aware if you are in a client meeting & instead of making the next potential sale wait, use a round robin system & automatically route the lead to the next available team member, follow up with that team member & get a feedback, enter the new lead in your CRM & create a follow up campaign based on the specific requirements of that lead. 

You stay Informed with 2 Daily Work Reports.

While you comfortably complete your next meeting. 

Simple, Approachable, Efficient Workflow

We know simplicity is the best way forward. We take on complex issues & break them down to simpler reports .

We manage & maintain schedules for you & your team & keep everyone updated on important events, set their appointments & manage follow ups & responses. 

We Integrate Easily with Industry-Leading Software, Platforms & CRM's

In Addition to MS Office & Google Docs, Our Virtual Assistants are trained experts  in using industry leading softwares & Crms - Salesforce, Top Producer, Bitrix, HubSpot, Appfolio, Property Simple, Rent Manager, QuickBooks, Xero are just a few examples .

We are proficient in Marketing Solutions like MailChimp, Constant Contact , SendinBlue and others.

Daily Work Reports

Each Virtual Assistant's work is tracked by our in-house productivity tracking software which is sent to our clients at the end of each working day.

We track metrics such as log in time, activity durations, url's viewed, calls received, emails responded amongst others.

The reports can be as compact or elabortate as required.


Each Virtual Assistant's work is overseen by an Operations Manager, who can be contacted incase of any questions or concerns.

Trusted by the Greatest

Hear It from Our Customers

“Kevin has been doing a great job . the fact that he is a trained ISA makes him a great person to answer my phones & emails . I was a little reluctant initally , but i'm glad I made the choice to go for the free trial ”

Simone, Kellar Williams

Trust, Transparency & Teamwork are the building blocks of a great organization. 

At The Assistants Company we always go the extra mile to provide absolute transparency about us. 

After Completing 7 Years of Business we went ahead and got ourselves Accredited from the  Better Business Bureau


received an A+ Rating from them for our excellent track record & customer care 

With the Right Plan
A Dedicated Virtual Assistant,

Everything Is Possible


When you know you need an Assistant, for tasks as they come  

Hire a Virtual Assistant for an assortment of 1 time tasks. Purchase as little as 20 Tasks per month for as little as $49.99 per month


When you have defined tasks but not on a regular basis.

Hire a Virtual Assistant for Days & Hours when you require help . For Example - 2 Hours on Monday , 1 Hour on Wednesday & maybe 2 Hours on Friday . The number of hours & days can be as little or as many as you need . 


When you know you need an Assistant for limited time or till the end of your project.

Hire 1 or multiple Virtual Assistants for time bound projects . Hire on a Flat Fee on the basis of your project & campaign


When you have defined tasks that need  dedicated attention. 

Ideal for Client's looking to outsource regular work to a Virtual Assistant . There is no limitations as to the number of tasks that can be outsourced & no limit to the capabilites required . 

Virtual Assistants work from Monday - Friday for Either 4 Hours Per Day or 8 Hours Per Day


Daily Work Reports

Free Services of an Operations Manager

Complimentary N.D.A, Business Associate Agreement 

Full Refund for Un-utilised Hours.

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Hiring Virtual Assistants & Outsourcing Tasks
now just a Call Away 

Dedicated Service Consultant 

We are a 100% In-House Assistant Team

This enables us to provide our Clients Amazingly Quick Services & Responses -

A Dedicated Service Consultant who understands the scope of your work,  builds a service plan based on your individual requirement , provides you with a Pricing Estimate, matches the right Assistants for you work, gets your work & Free Trial started immediately & is always reachable when you have a Question or Concern . 

Call us on

(800) 395 1028

Text us On 

(404) 418 5580

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Call us on

(800) 395 1028

brain storm

Start with a Free Session with our Service Consultants , Tell us about your requirements & what you need & your expectations , Our Service Consultants are experts with years of experience in various fields . 

All Sessions are Absolutely Free .

free trial

Based on your requirements Our service consultants Setup an absolutely free Trial for you. The duration of the free trial may vary .


Terms Of Free Trial 

Valid & Functional Website

Email Address From the Same Domain as The Website Communications must occur via formal email address .

No Free Email ID's Allowed .

nda & invoice

Once the Free Trial is concluded, if you like the Assistant working for you, retain his / her services by making a payment. 


Every client receives a complimentary Complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement, Business Associate Agreement in case of Medical Services


 100% Refund Guarantee written in the contract for any unutilized hours if you are unhappy with the services. 

direct contact

In Addition to Hiring a Virtual Assistant you will Unlock multiple benefits such as 


Free Services Of An Operations Manager 

Daily Work Reports 

Local Phone Number To Speak To Your Virtual Assistant Directly

Use Local Number to Text Your Assistant in Off Hours Incase of Emergency.

Dedicated Hours of Work

Live Screen Share Link 

 24 /7 Toll Free Customer Support