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CAD Graphic Designer

Precision Meets Passion: CAD Design that Captivates and Converts.

Precision meets creativity. A CAD Graphic Designer translates your concepts into accurate, detailed plans and models, laying the foundation for successful projects.

CAD Graphic Designer: 

Precision with Passion:  Make your visions a reality with expert CAD drafting and design. We create precise technical drawings, 3D models, and construction documents that ensure your project is built to perfection. From architectural plans to mechanical illustrations, we handle the technical side with expertise, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Turn your vision into reality

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Featured Tools We Use

AutoCAD (2D Drafting & Design), Revit (3D Building Information Modeling), Solidworks (3D Mechanical Design & Simulation), Inventor (3D Product Design & Engineering), Creo Parametric (Advanced 3D Product Design, NX (CAD/CAM/CAE Integrated Platform), CATIA (High-end 3D Product Design & Manufacturing), Tekla Structures (Building Information Modeling for Steel Structures), Engineering Databases & Standards, CAD Software Add-ons & Plugins, CAD Communities & Forums, CAD Job Boards & Freelance Platforms, Engineering Design Courses & Certifications, Industry Magazines & Publications, Professional Engineering Associations.

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CAD Graphic Designer:

Precision with Passion: Where technical prowess meets artistic flair, you'll find us the CAD whisperers. We're masters of precision, translating complex designs into meticulous blueprints that bring your visions to life with unwavering accuracy. From intricate architectural plans to detailed mechanical illustrations, we speak the language of engineering with passion and artistry.

CAD Graphic Designer:

Precision with Passion: Make your visions a reality with expert CAD drafting and design. We create precise technical drawings, 3D models, and construction documents that ensure your project is built to perfection. From architectural plans to mechanical illustrations, we handle the technical side with expertise, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

All-Inclusive Prices

After completing your free trial, if you find the need to retain your assistant and would like to ensure that your work is completed by the same expert, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

We have Options for Project Based Flat Fees & Hourly Rates. For Regular and Specific tasks like admin assistant, an hourly rate is more cost-effective.

For one-time or assorted tasks like personal assistants, a per-task plan is more effective. 

You can delegate your work to a dedicated

CAD Graphic Designer

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

We know the importance of Privacy. We provide a comprehensive & enforceable Non-Disclosure Agreement 

Operations Manager

Free services of an Operations Manager are Included in each plan, A Dedicated Operations Manager handles your day to day work, ensures it is

100% Money Back Gaurantee

After the completion of your Free Trial, if for any reason during the course of your plan, if you are unhappy

Pre-Trained backup assistants

In Addition to your Operations Manager & your dedicated Assistant, we also provide a complimentary back-up

CAD Graphic Designer

Exhaustive List of What To Expect From Us

IV. Documentation & Technical Drawings:

Technical Report & Specifications: Prepare a comprehensive technical report outlining design calculations, engineering principles, and rationale behind design decisions. Specify material properties, performance characteristics, and regulatory compliance requirements. Include detailed annotations and explanations on technical drawings for clarity and future reference.

Rendering & Visualization: Create photorealistic renderings and visualizations of the final design using advanced rendering techniques. Generate animations or fly-throughs to showcase the functionality and movement of the design (if applicable). Present high-quality visuals to enhance client understanding and marketing materials.

File Preparation & Delivery: Organize and package all project files including 3D models, drawings, documentation, and renderings. Ensure compatibility with client's software and preferred delivery format (electronic files, printed copies). Provide instructions and support for accessing and utilizing delivered project files.

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CAD Graphic Designer Service Overview:

Stages: Project Initiation & Understanding, Conceptual Design & Sketching, 3D Modeling & Drafting, Documentation & Technical Drawings, Revision & Finalization, Expanding to 90 Tasks:

I. Project Initiation & Understanding:

Client Meeting & Briefing: Gather client requirements, understand project goals, target audience, and desired functionalities. Discuss specific CAD needs like architectural plans, mechanical parts, product design, or engineering diagrams. Review existing reference materials, technical specifications, and relevant building codes.

Site Visit & Data Collection (if applicable): Visit the construction site (architectural projects) to take measurements, assess spatial relationships, and capture existing elements. Gather technical data like engineering parameters, product specifications, or material properties. Conduct stakeholder interviews with architects, engineers, or product developers.

Research & Industry Trends: Analyze similar projects within the specific CAD domain (architecture, engineering, product design). Research relevant design trends, industry standards, and software capabilities. Develop initial sketches and concept visualizations based on client input and research findings.

II. Conceptual Design & Sketching:

Freehand & Digital Sketching: Develop rough freehand sketches to explore initial design ideas and layout concepts. Translate sketches into preliminary digital drawings using CAD software for initial client review.
Refine and iterate on digital sketches based on client feedback and project goals.

Concept Presentation & Refinement: Present multiple design concepts to the client using sketches, renderings, or basic 3D models. Gather feedback and preferences to refine the chosen concept and establish design direction. Finalize key design elements like dimensions, material choices, and functional specifications.

III. 3D Modeling & Drafting:

3D Model Construction: Build accurate 3D models of objects, structures, or machinery using chosen CAD software. Implement appropriate modeling techniques (polygonal, parametric, solid modeling) based on project complexity. Ensure precise dimensions, geometric relationships, and adherence to technical specifications.

2D Technical Drawings: Develop detailed 2D drawings like floor plans, elevations, sections, and assembly illustrations. Apply proper drafting conventions, annotation, and dimensioning according to industry standards. Generate multiple drawing views to comprehensively represent the design from different perspectives.

Material & Assembly Specifications: Define material specifications for each component within the 3D model and technical drawings. Develop detailed assembly instructions with clear steps and illustrations for efficient construction or manufacturing. Include BOM (Bill of Materials) listing all required components, quantities, and specifications.

V. Revision & Finalization:

Client Review & Revisions: Address any minor revisions requested by the client after initial delivery. Adjust specific elements like dimensions, materials, or technical specifications based on feedback. Maintain responsive communication and ensure client satisfaction throughout the revision process.

Final File Delivery & Archiving: Deliver final, revised project files with all necessary updates and documentation. Archive project files and assets for future reference and potential revisions. Offer additional services for ongoing project updates, amendments, or future design iterations.

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