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Wix Developer

Wix Whizzes: Transforming Your Vision into a Stunning, Click-Worthy Website

Create your website with ease and flair. A Wix Developer brings your vision to life, no coding required, just pure website magic.

Transform your vision into a stunning Wix website. We design professional layouts, optimize functionality, and ensure mobile responsiveness, creating a unique and click-worthy website that showcases your brand and engages your audience.

Turn your vision into reality

Let's make magic happen with a Free Trial.

Featured Tools We Use

Wix Editor, Velo by Wix, Wix Code, Chrome DevTools, Google Fonts

Leave it to us

Wix Weeble Developers are the architects of drag-and-drop dreams, guiding you through a playground of possibilities. They transform your vision into stunning websites, leveraging the platform's flexibility to create unique and engaging online experiences.

Transform your vision into a stunning Wix website. We design professional layouts, optimize functionality, and ensure mobile responsiveness, creating a unique and click-worthy website that showcases your brand and engages your audience.

All-Inclusive Prices

After completing your free trial, if you find the need to retain your assistant and would like to ensure that your work is completed by the same expert, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

We have Options for Project Based Flat Fees & Hourly Rates. For Regular and Specific tasks like admin assistant, an hourly rate is more cost-effective.

For one-time or assorted tasks like personal assistants, a per-task plan is more effective. 

You can delegate your work to a dedicated

Wix Developer

All-Inclusive Prices Start At


Non-Disclosure Agreement

We know the importance of Privacy. We provide a comprehensive & enforceable Non-Disclosure Agreement 

Operations Manager

Free services of an Operations Manager are Included in each plan, A Dedicated Operations Manager handles your day to day work, ensures it is

100% Money Back Gaurantee

After the completion of your Free Trial, if for any reason during the course of your plan, if you are unhappy

Pre-Trained backup assistants

In Addition to your Operations Manager & your dedicated Assistant, we also provide a complimentary back-up

Wix Developer

Exhaustive List of What To Expect From Us

III. Advanced Wix Development:

Wix Enterprise Solutions: Understand the specific needs and requirements of enterprise-level Wix websites.
Develop custom solutions for complex workflows, data management, and user experiences. Collaborate with clients and stakeholders to tailor solutions and ensure satisfaction.

Headless Wix Development: Explore Headless Wix development methods using Node.js and Wix APIs for advanced customization. Build custom backends and APIs for enhanced flexibility and control compared to the Wix editor. Integrate third-party services and databases for comprehensive functionality.

Security and Performance Optimization: Implement best practices for Wix website security and data protection. Optimize website performance for speed and user experience across devices and browsers.
Monitor website analytics and identify areas for improvement.

Schedule a 1:1 Free Consultation Session

I. Wix Velo Development:

Velo JavaScript Framework: Master Velo, Wix's JavaScript framework, to build custom functionalities and interactions within Wix websites. Utilize Velo APIs to access and manipulate website data (page elements, forms, databases). Develop server-side logic and event handlers for dynamic content and user engagement.

Front-End Technologies: Integrate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript alongside Velo for crafting visually appealing and responsive website experiences. Utilize pre-built Wix components and libraries for efficient development. Ensure accessibility compliance of custom elements and scripts.

Wix Editor Integration: Develop custom widgets and extensions that seamlessly integrate into the Wix editor for user-friendly customization. Understand the Wix editor environment and limitations for smooth integration. Leverage Wix hooks and events to interact with editor elements and events.

Testing and Optimization: Implement browser developer tools and Wix debugging tools to diagnose and fix Velo code issues. Test website functionality across different browsers and devices.
Optimize performance and resource usage of custom applications and scripts.

II. Wix App Development and Integration:

Wix App Market: Build and deploy custom Wix Apps that extend the platform's functionality and address specific user needs. Explore and analyze existing apps in the Wix App Market for inspiration and market understanding. Design user-friendly interfaces and experiences for seamless integration with Wix websites.

Wix APIs and Webhooks: Master the Wix App API and webhooks to securely connect your apps with Wix data and events. Implement user authentication and authorization protocols for secure access and data protection. Utilize existing Wix APIs and data sources to avoid unnecessary custom development.

Marketing and Promotion: Prepare app descriptions, screenshots, and videos for the Wix App Market.
Utilize App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques to improve app visibility and discoverability. Engage with potential users and gather feedback for app improvement and adaptation.

IV. Continuous Learning and Growth:

Wix Updates and New Features: Stay updated on Wix platform updates, new features, API changes, and developer tools. Adapt your skills and knowledge to evolving platform capabilities and user needs. Share your expertise and contribute to the Wix developer community.

Web Development Trends and Best Practices: Research emerging trends and best practices in web development, design, and user experience. Experiment with new technologies and adapt your skillset to future development trends. Maintain a passion for web development and a customer-centric approach.

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