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Hiring An Assistant


So Much More

Gain the undisputable advantage of Hiring an Assistant.

An Assistant not only answers your calls on your behalf, but understands your requirements, they are able to comprehend the urgency & importance of each call & how best to inform you.

The true advantages of an Assistant are unmatched simply by letting them relay your messages, give callers information, set your appointments, set your calendar, respond to your emails & do so much more.... 

Let's Start with the Basics

For All our plans - There is always a Live Person Answering your calls,

We always Introduce ourselves as your employee,

Each Client Receives a Complimentary Local Phone Number where they can forward all your calls & texts,

We answer all inbound calls & take the contact information of your caller along with a message for you .

If we have an urgent call for you, we can patch it through to you,

We Have no setup fee or hidden charges.


We Keep your Callers Happy

Callers are most comfortable when they know who is going to answer their calls.

A Dedicated Assistant is Assigned For Your Callers, With 2 Back Ups In case the 1st Assistant is unable to answer.

Over years we have seen this helps build more trust & drive in more sales for our clients as a better rapport is built.

Business Owner

Phone Calls are NOT the only way your Clients Communicate.

Our Systems are designed to manage communications on multiple fronts .

Modern Laptop

Emails & Texts

Emails & Text Messages make a bulk of time consuming communications for most Professionals.



Social Media

With more people engaged in Social Media Platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter - The trend for communications via messenger services & posts is ever increasing 

The Assistant Advantage