Tasks You Should Give Your 

Virtual Assistant 


Phone Answering

Stand Alone Service Available


Outbound Calling


Communication Liaison - it can be tiring and confusing to have to communicate with every single one of them. You can have your Virtual Assistant be your main point person to give you updates on everyone’s activities, as well as deliver any message you want to give to them.


Management Scheduling - In can be hard to keep track of all the appointments, callbacks, meetings, etc. for a busy executive. Hiring a Virtual Assistant for the task of managing and keeping track of your schedule will help you remember everything.


Process Guidelines & SOPs - If you do not have your guidelines and SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures in writing yet, you can leave this to your VA. Additionally, they can help with onboarding new team members


Promotional Video Creation - Any business video should be done in a professional way and adequately represent the business and its image. Most VAs are equipped with basic video editing skills to dish out a simple yet professional video for you.


Sales Funnel Strategist 


Blog Assistant - 

Edit / proof Read Blog Posts

Schedule Blog Posts

Create Blog Post Database

Find Niche Affliliate Links


Email Management


Administrative Tasks - These can include writing and sending out event invitations or greeting cards, audio/video transcription, preparing meeting minutes, etc. Mostly, your Virtual Assistant can do any such writing or activity involved with your admin office.


Customer Support Services - When you are a growing business, it is vital to respond to any requests or inquiries from your customers promptly. However, most business owners do not have the time to do this themselves, so they get their Virtual Assistants to respond to customers instead.



Microsoft Office Administration & Application - Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. have a lot of handy features that are not always apparent. A skilled Virtual Assistant knows these features like the back of their hand and uses them to their advantage in terms of efficiency.


Process Improvement - Should there be any parts in your normal processes that can be done faster and more effectively, your VA can point it out. Additionally, they can give you recommendations on how to make operations proceed faster and with fewer errors.


Reporting - Whether it be a report on your website’s analytics or if you need help gathering data for a financial report or presentation, a VA can lend the support you need. That way, you can have your reports done quickly without you having to spend so much time on it.


Web Designing - Many VAs have an eye for design; thus, they can also help you with graphics or basic web designing tasks. For designs that are basic but still fresh and professional, you can rely on a VA to deliver well.


Facebook Ad Manager


Graphic Design Services - 

Blog Post & Social Media Images , Custom memes for Social Media, Website Favicon, Logo Design , Social Media Header Design , Printable PDF, Photo Shop Editing, Solid Works .


Social Media Management - If you lack time to keep your social media profiles topped up with posts or to build followers, leave this to your VA. Your VA will be sure to keep your profiles active and engage as necessary to comments and messages.


Basic Bookkeeping - Although there are several available tools online that make bookkeeping more manageable, it may still take some time to learn and master such tools. You can hire a Virtual Assistant who is already experienced with such tools or learn this for you to save time for this task.


Data Entry - Gathering information/data or having your own bulk of information organized is essential in every business, despite how time-consuming and painstaking it is. Fortunately, a lot of Virtual Assistants are pretty efficient at this sort of task.


Operational Streamlining - Once a VA is familiar with how your operations or processes work, they can be a crucial member to keep all this in order. They can help you streamline the process, so you do not have to spend too much time monitoring everything now and then. Moreover, VAs can also act as remote employees which can help you persevere during troubling times.


Project Management - This is an important role for website development or digital marketing companies who have several projects under their wing. Your VA can act as your Project Manager. They monitor the progress of the project and manage resources like developers, designers, etc.


Research - Regular research is needed for any niche should you want to stay on top of your competitors and stay updated. Thus, take this off your plate and give it to your VA to research statistics, trends, content, etc.


Depending on the kind of CMS your website is on, a VA can have basic or advanced knowledge on working their way through it to update content, upload images, etc. A few examples of CMS VAs are well-versed in are Magento, Kentico, WordPress, and Volusion.


Landing Page Liason 

The fact that we are “virtual” - Our Clients do not have to spend on our work stations can already save a considerable amount of money. Add to the fact that we only Charge by the hour makes it all the more cost-friendly since you do not pay for work that has not been rendered.

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