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 A Virtual Employee is an Employee who is hired to work Remotely. They work as a part of your Team & Report Directly to you.

They can be asked to perform any tasks that can be completed using a Phone & a Computer system.  

As an Employer, you have the flexibility to decide the Qualifications required, Interview the Candidate Directly & Hire the right candidate. 

Interview & Hire

As an Employer, you have the flexibility to provide a Job Description, Interview & Hire the RIGHT Candidate.

Adjustable pay

In any Organisation the Pay of an Employee is decided by their required Skillset - Therefore if you require a Basic Assistant - whose task is as simple as copy & paste or Convert a Scanned Image into a Word Document the Salary is as Low as $2.95/Hour.

Dedicated operations manager

A Dedicated Operations Manager ensures your workflow is uninterrupted.

They ensure that the Assistant is reporting for work on time & resolves any issues that may arise.

They also Train Replacements & Manage Additions to your Team, so once you have explained the task, you never have to do it again.

Work Satisfaction Guarantee

Incase your Virtual Employee delivers work that you are not satisfied with, Simply Inform your Operations Manager.

It will be corrected

FREE of Charge

The Virtual Employee Advantage


complimentary Overtime

If you have a Deadline for a project & you need your assistant to work for more hours - Simply inform your Operations Manager . We will Extend the Working Hours for your Employee for that day - AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

As an Employer, you can use Up To 4 Hours of Complimentary Overtime. 


Work on weekends

Our Virtual Employees are dedicated to your success. Therefore if on a Friday afternoon you realise that there is a project that needs to be Handed over by Monday & you need your Team Working on the Weekend. Simply Inform your Operations Manager.  


Free INDUCTION period

When you Hire a new Employee, They require a few days to understand the systems and fine-tune their work to the level of perfection you require.

Therefore, After you Hire a Virtual Employee - We Provide You with Up To

5 Days of Free Induction Period.  

More Transparent & Convinient

Build a Team

You can Hire Multiple Employee's with Assorted Qualifications to have an Efficient  & cost-effective team.

Tasks such as Bookkeeping, Outbound Calling, Content Writing, Website/App Developer, Tasks of an Administrative Assistant are some popular choices.

Screen Share

We Understand the need for Absolute Transparency, If as an Employer you so require, Your Operations Manager will provide you with a link to View the Screen of your Virtual Assistant - You can see the work that is being done in Real-Time.

Specialized Equipment

In General, our Computer Systems are able to Handle Most Heavy Processing Tasks. Softwares such as Solidworks & Auto Cad, Dream Weaver run smoothly.

 However, Incase your Virtual Assistant is required to use an even more tasking software - We will provide a System to match that requirement.


Easy Payment Plan

All our Service Options come with Simple & Easy Payment Options. Where our Clients can choose to even Pay Per Day. 

Daily Work Reports

Every Single Day, If your Work has been Done, Even for an Hour - You will receive an Itemised Work Report.

Un-Ending Refund Period

If at any time you are unhappy with our Services - You can ask for a Full Refund for your unused Hours.

Non Disclosure Agreement

We Provide a Complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement to All our Clients Assuring them that their Information is Always Safe

Free Services of an Operations Manager

Your Operations Manager ensures your work is handled smoothly & Delivered On time.

Advantage of a Team

At any point, if you require an Expert for tasks Other than what your Virtual Assistant can Deliver - Simply Inform your Operations Manager, Our In-House Experts will take over.

Service Plans & Pricing

Virtual Employee Payment Plans Per 1 Virtual Assistant - No Limit on Users

Need a Quicker Response ?

Full Time

Pay Monthly

20 Working Days

Total Shift - 9 Hours

Work - 8 Hours

General Work Hours are 9 Am - 6 pm

( Your Time Zone )

Break Time - 1 Hour

Validity: 20 Days or 160 Hours

whichever comes first.

Complimentary Overtime - 4 Hrs

Beyond 4 Hrs - $8.00/Hr

Complimentary 1st Month Induction Period

5 Days

Includes: Free Services of an Operations Manager, Daily Work Reports, Non-Disclosure Agreement, 100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee

$952 Per Month

$5.95 Per Hour

Salary is Based on Skills of a

Multi-Tasking Assistant

Full Time

Pay Weekly

5 Working Days

Total Shift - 9 Hours

Work - 8 Hours

General Work Hours are 9 Am - 6 pm

( Your Time Zone )

Break Time - 1 Hour

Validity: 05 Days or 40 Hours

whichever comes first.

Complimentary Overtime - 1 Hr

Beyond 1 Hr - $8.00/Hr

Complimentary 1st Month Induction Period

1 Day

Includes: Free Services of an Operations Manager, Daily Work Reports, Non-Disclosure Agreement, 100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee

$250 Per Week

$6.25 Per Hour

Salary is Based on Skills of a

Multi-Tasking Assistant

Speak with Our

Service Counselors 

Tell us about your Business Goals & Needs. Our Service Counselors are Trained Experts & can provide you with a FREE Assessment on how to achieve your objectives in the most cost-effective manner.

Call us on our Toll-Free Number


Pay Monthly

20 Working Days

Total Shift - 4 Hours

Work - 3 1/2 Hours

General Work Hours are 9 Am - 6 pm

( Your Time Zone )

Break Time - 30 Mins 

Validity: 20 Days or 80 Hours

whichever comes first.

Complimentary Overtime - 2 Hrs

Beyond 2 Hrs - $8.00/Hr

Complimentary 1st Month Induction Period

1 Days

Includes: Free Services of an Operations Manager, Daily Work Reports, Non-Disclosure Agreement, 100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee

$596 Monthly

$7.45 Per Hour

Salary is Based on Skills of a

Multi-Tasking Assistant


Pay Weekly

5 Working Days

Total Shift - 4 Hours

Work - 3 1/2 Hours

General Work Hours are 9 Am - 6 pm

( Your Time Zone )

Break Time - 30 Mins 

Validity: 5 Days or 20 Hours

whichever comes first.

Overtime - $8.00/Hr

Complimentary 1st Month Induction Period

2 Hours

Includes: Free Services of an Operations Manager, Daily Work Reports, Non-Disclosure Agreement, 100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee

$318 Weekly

$7.95 Per Hour

Salary is Based on Skills of a

Multi-Tasking Assistant


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Administrative Support

Our administrative assistants/secretaries have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree & have experience and skills in clerical work, including word processing, spreadsheets and database management. Typically, skills in Microsoft Office,office management, excellent communication skills (both written and verbal), organizational skills, decision-making and problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal skills, Professionalism, ability to multitask and prioritize - Provide a Non Disclosure Agreement.

They can work for a single executive, multiple managers or the entire organization

Their Employers can provide them on-the-job training to help the, come up to speed and be familiar with their specific tasks. This Time is always FREE of Charge


Customer Support

A customer service representative, or CSR, will act as a liaison, provide product/services information and resolve any emerging problems that our customer accounts might face with accuracy and efficiency.

They are genuinely excited to help customers. They’re patient, empathetic, and passionately communicative. Problem-solving also comes naturally to customer care specialists. They are confident at troubleshooting and investigate if they don’t have enough information to resolve customer complaints.

They have Proven customer support experience as a client service representative , Strong phone contact handling skills and active listening , Familiarity with CRM systems and practices , ability to adapt/respond to different types callers, Excellent communication and presentation skills , Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively , College Graduate degree

Project Management Assistant

A Project Management Assistant's role may vary greatly depending on your particular needs. Common Roles include Event Coordinating, Project Coordinating, and Administrative Coordinating. Common tasks that all Assistants handle include communicating with both clients and team members, processing and filing invoices, and answering questions from customers or clients. A Assistant will be able to wear many hats and facilitate various deliverables at once such as Delegating tasks and ensuring that they are completed in accordance with existing policies and procedures , Greeting and directing clients correspondences to the appropriate parties , Handling basic office duties, such as answering and routing phones, responding to emails, maintaining employee, financial, and client records, and data entry and reporting , Answering questions and finding information for employees, vendors, clients, and lenders , Supporting employees by facilitating interdepartmental communications and interactions between internal and external parties , Ensuring that the office communication is well-maintained, organized, and secure , A ssisting with special projects, such as process improvements and budget development. Developing and implementing new policies and processes.

Social Media Management

A Social media coordinator, will develop original content and suggest creative ways to attract more customers and promote your brand. Ultimately, we will be able to increase web traffic and customer engagement metrics aligned with broader marketing strategies.

Our Assistants will Research audience preferences and discover current trends , Create engaging text, image and video content , Design posts to sustain readers’ curiosity and create buzz around new products , Measure web traffic and monitor SEO , Stay up-to-date with changes in all social platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness , Facilitate online conversations with customers and respond to queries , Report on online reviews and feedback from customers and fans Develop an optimal posting schedule, considering web traffic and customer engagement metrics, Oversee social media accounts’ layout , Suggest new ways to attract prospective customers, like promotions and competitions

Data & Research

The data research analyst is primary responsible for gathering and analyzing data, maintaining and constantly improving the quality of an organization’s data, and collaborating with the research team to present data in a convincing way.


The major tasks, duties, and responsibilities commonly performed by a data research analyst are to Supervise, plan, and coordinate, and conduct research and program evaluation activities for the company,  Work together with the evaluators on data collection and quantitative and qualitative analysis duties , Coordinate, develop, and initiate, and respond to information and data requests received from within the organization to allow for evidence-based and data-informed policy , Come up with policy and action suggestions based on research and analytics , Carry out business analysis, data modelling, and logical and physical database design, and database optimization for the company , Utilize standard reporting technologies to create, manage, and maintain reports , Responsible for preserving and managing a centralized data dictionary for the company , Ensure company data architectural guidelines, principles, and standards are followed in all project milestones and deliverables , Responsible for creating appropriate documentation to support effective requirements definition, including charts, graphs, and logic model diagrams as needed , Responsible for assessing research requirements and utilizing improved tactics for appropriate statistical programming and analysis.

General Assistant

Personal assistants/executive assistants/office assistants  perform routine administrative-type tasks so that you do not have to. Duties include screening or answering phone calls,  emails, managing schedules, and taking notes at meetings.

important & sought-after skills our assistants have Organization and Time Management , Written and Verbal Communication , Accuracy and Attention to Detail , Knowledge of Relevant Software ,Tact and Discretion ,

They have Skills which are often required Administrative , Appointment Setting , Correspondence Management ,  Errands Handling , Event Planning , Implementing Procedures, Maintaining Schedules , Meetings Notes , Office Management , Project Management , Research , Scheduling , Taking Dictation , Taking Messages , Taking Notes, Travel Arrangements , Travel Planning ,


They will also have communications Skills

 Answering Phones , Emails , Greetings , Handling Inquiries , Screening Calls , Verbal Communications , Written Communications

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