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Your Assistant is a trained professional with expertise in handling communications via emails & chats, multiple software such as MS Word, Excel, Photoshop & also cloud-based Services such as Office 365 & GSuite.

CRM's such as AppFolio, SalesForce, Top Producer, HubSpot are just a few we handle.

If you have a customized Software or ERP System, They can quickly learn how to use it, At No Charge. 

Let your Assistant Manage your Phone.

They will answer every inbound call, text & Whatsapp Message, The Important Calls get Directed to you while they take messages & screen other calls, They can provide information, schedule appointments & if required re-schedule them.

They are great at picking up the phone and performing tasks such as cold calling or managing a dialer like Mojo. Simply need to inform them what your requirement is.

We have a Dedicated Department for Property Management Groups who generally require experts for managing Tenants, Maintenance, Billing & Landlords

Create Presentations & Generate Reports.

Your Assistant is a College Graduate & as such is qualified to create Reports that are relevant for your Business.

Simply Guide them with how you like it presented & by when you require it. 

Let us manage Administrative tasks likes Lead Assignments, Follow-Ups, Sending out Greetings & Congratulatory Messages, Attending Team Meetings & Taking Notes, forwarding notes to Members who couldn't attend & Similar Tasks that are essential to keeping your team informed & keeping you in touch with clients. 

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Social Media Management is another task that you can check off your daily to-do list. Your Assistant can create High Quality Posts, research relevant HashTags, Track Competitors & engaging your audience while promoting you on blogs and other pages to drive in more audience. 

Your Assistants are also accomplished in Internet Marketing - They can run Marketing Campaigns on Social Media, Create Great Ads for Search Engines & Even use your Database for sending out Marketing Emails using platforms such as mail chimp & constant contact. 

Other Popular Tasks that our Clients Outsource frequently are tasks like Converting Image to Word, PDF to Excel Sheet, Moving Data Between CRM Systems, Internet Research, Data Mining & Database Cleansing and similar other tasks.

With our Complimentary Non-Disclosure Agreement & Focus on Data Security, any Data Shared with us is always Confidential. 

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