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If at any time you are not satisfied with your Virtual Assistant or are Not in Need of our Services, Simply Inform your Operations Manager & receive a refund for any unutilized hours.

Pay ONLY For work.

There are NO Setup Fee, Processing Fee, or Any Other Fee Associated with Our Services.

We only Charge for the  Hours of Work done Right.

increase or decrease the number of virtual assistants

A BIG Advantage in the Pay Per Hour Plan is that Employers can Increase or Decrease the Number of Assistants working on their Project WITHOUT having to Purchase Extra Hours

Work Satisfaction Guarantee

We only charge for work that has been done correctly & to your liking. If you are unsatisfied with the work that has been done, Our Assistants will correct it FREE OF CHARGE.

Pay Per Hour Plans - No Limit On Users


No Large Upfront Payments

All our Service Options come with Simple & Easy Payment Options. Where our Clients can choose to even Pay Per Day. 

Daily Work Reports

Every Single Day, If your Work has been Done, Even for an Hour - You will receive an Itemised Work Report.

Un-Ending Refund Period

If at any time you are unhappy with our Services - You can ask for a Full Refund for your unused Hours.

Non Disclosure Agreement

We Provide a Complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement to All our Clients Assuring them that their Information is Always Safe

Free Services of an Operations Manager

Your Operations Manager ensures your work is handled smoothly & Delivered On time.

Advantage of a Team

At any point, if you require an Expert for tasks Other than what your Virtual Assistant can Deliver - Simply Inform your Operations Manager, Our In-House Experts will take over.


PayPal is one of the World's Largest & Most Secure Method For Payments. Now you can Pay Securely Via Credit / Debit Card. 

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