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All you need
is one

tasks that you can start to let your assistant handle for you 


Our Assistants are Dedicated to your success & as such can be asked to perform any task ,

We have a List of Popular Tasks that is often outsourced to our Virtual Assistants . 

The What Weekend Virtual Assistant  

Weekends & Holidays are usually the busiest days in real estate.

A 7 Day Virtual Assistant works on Holidays & Weekends.

We don't JUST Take a Message,
We get things done.

Image you get a new lead via phone call, your Virtual Assistant knows how to answer the call, take & give information, have a quick glance at your calendar & know you are in a client meeting & instead of simply taking a message & making the next potential sale wait, check up on your team to see if someone is available & use a round robin system & automatically route the lead to the next available team member.

After the call - follow up with that team member & get a feedback on the call, enter the new lead in your CRM & create a follow up campaign based on the specific requirements of that lead , You stay Informed with 2 Daily Work Reports.

While you comfortably complete your next meeting & work towards your next sale. 

Answer Every Call,

When you can not

Every call is answered by your Live Virtual Assistant who introduce themselves as your Assistant. Take messages & respond with information they have or reach out to get the information needed .


You can call or text in any instructions for responses you need to work you need done via phone or text.


and the best part is if you are running late & are busy in a meeting after hours, our team is always available to take your calls so you don't miss anything important.

Mobile Phone

Let us set your appointments


Being Organised is our super power & keeping you on top of your schedule is our goal, so you don't have to worry about shoiwngs, re-confirmations, re-scheduling, feedbacks or even making appointments . 

We can easily turn your incoming leads into your next appointment & potential listing & sale .   

We Integrate Easily with Industry-Leading Software, Platforms & CRM's

In Addition to MS Office & Google Docs, Our Virtual Assistants are trained experts  in using industry leading softwares & Crms - Salesforce, Top Producer, Bitrix, HubSpot, insightly, Appfolio, Property Simple, Rent Manager, QuickBooks, Xero are just a few examples .

We are proficient in Marketing Solutions like MailChimp, Constant Contact , SendinBlue and others.

Privacy in-built

Each Virtual Assistant's work is tracked by our in-house software which is sent to our clients at the end of each working day.

We track metrics such as log in time, activity durations, url's viewed, calls received, emails responded amongst others.

The reports can be as compact or elabortate as required.


We do not hire Freelancers or 3rd Party Assistants , and are therefore able to ensure that your data is absolutely safe .

Your work with us is secured by a Complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement

& a Business Associates Contract. 


Social Media 

is not just daily posts

Get the Most Out of Your Social Media 

We build our social media strategy on top of everything  you hope to achieve on social media


Our Team works up a summary of everything we plan to do & aim to achieve on social media.

We are constantly creating & innovating new ways to build dynamic content that will bring in traffic & leads for your properties .

We will help set clear objectives for you.  

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Hear It from Our Customers

“Kevin has been doing a great job . the fact that he is a trained ISA makes him a great person to answer my phones & emails . I was a little reluctant initally , but i'm glad I made the choice to go for the free trial ”

Simone, Kellar Williams

How Does it work ?

brain storm

Start with a Free Session with our Service Consultants , Tell us about your requirements & what you need & your expectations , Our Service Consultants are experts with years of experience in various fields . 

All Sessions are Absolutely Free .

free trial

Based on your requirements Our service consultants Setup an absolutely free Trial for you. The duration of the free trial may vary .


Terms Of Free Trial 

Valid & Functional Website

Email Address From the Same Domain as The Website Communications must occur via formal email address .

No Free Email ID's Allowed .

nda & invoice

Once the Free Trial is concluded, if you like the Assistant working for you, retain his / her services by making a payment. 


Every client receives a complimentary Complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement, Business Associate Agreement in case of Medical Services


 100% Refund Guarantee written in the contract for any unutilized hours if you are unhappy with the services. 

direct contact

In Addition to Hiring a Virtual Assistant you will Unlock multiple benefits such as 


Free Services Of An Operations Manager 

Daily Work Reports 

Local Phone Number To Speak To Your Virtual Assistant Directly

Use Local Number to Text Your Assistant in Off Hours Incase of Emergency.

Dedicated Hours of Work

Live Screen Share Link 

 24 /7 Toll Free Customer Support 


Daily Work Reports

Free Services of an Operations Manager

Complimentary N.D.A, Business Associate Agreement 

Full Refund for Un-utilised Hours.

Relaxed Businessman

100% Work Satisfaction Guarantee

Business Team Research

No Lock-In Period  Contracts

100% Money Back

Full Refund For

Un-utilized Hours


Personal Touch

The Assistant who you work with is always the same person. Feel Free to Provide us with tasks that are not already listed

Email Management

Your Assistant is automatically issed an email id which starts with your company name & has the signature that reflects your company information . You can assign an email address for your assistant to use also . Please do feel free to ask us your questions & concerns

Social Media Management

Let your assistant work on your Social Media , Basic Social Media Postings & Light Graphic Editing are Included in our Real Estate Assistant Services

Schedule Showings

Tell your Assistant about the showings that need to be scheduled , re-scheduled & let us handle them .

Appointment Setting

As Assistants we are experts are making calls & reaching out to set all sorts of appointments , New Listings , Personal ,Showings , etc .

Property Listings on Zillow & Realtor

Let us know which of your properties needs to be listed on Zillow & Realtor & We can List them for you .

Available on Saturdays & Sundays

As Assistants We are always Available for Our Employers , If you need your assistant to work on Saturday's & Sunday's - let us know . If you regularly require your assistant to work on weekends , We do recommend looking into our 7 Day Assistant Plan .

Integrate with your Team

Give your team the advantage of an Assistant , When you hire an Assistant Any & All Members of your team can Assign Work . If the work load is More - Simply Ask your Operations Manager to Assign some Additional Ad-Hoc Assistants till the tasks are completed.

Follow Ups & Feedbacks

Let us reach out for follow ups & feedback from showings & forward it to your Clients if you so require.

Simple Graphic editing

Simple Graphic Editing Via Photoshop or Canva to Create Customised Graphics is within the capabilities of your assistant . For more proffessional requirements & video editing we have experts available in-house

Landing Page

If you require a Landing Page to be created & Managed by your assistant . Please do let us know

PPC Campaigns on Search Engines

Let us build targeted advertisments for you to be run on Search Engines

Communicate Via Text

We understand that you may not always be able to speak to us via phone , simply communicate via text with your Assistant .

G Suite & Office 365

We Assign Basic GSuite & Office 365 Storage Space For All Your Data to be Securely Stored . This Data is Always Accessible to you . Your Assistant can seamlessly work with both Google Docs & Sheets , As Well as MS Office .

Monthly Newsletters

Send a Professionally made monthly newsletter to your contacts . We'll help you stay in touch

Database Building

Tell us about the database you need & let us start building one for you

MLS Listings

We can add , search & extract information from your MLS . The Username & Password would need to be shared with us & a dedicated time can be allotted to your assistant to do so .

Generate Reports

Simply provide us with the Template on the Reports you currently send to your Clients & We can generate reports on a Daily , Weekly , Monthly Basis

CRM Management

We are fluent with multiple popular Crm systems such as Appfolio , Top Producer , Vulcan , Follow Up Boss , etc . let us know which one you currently use & we will be happy to work on it .

SEO Link Building

Organic Link Building is a Great way to increase the relevance of your website on popular search engines , We can also build links for you .

Calendar Management

We can Schedule your Appointments ,Manage your Calendars & ensure that you are free to do the things you do best

Article Writing

Give us a Topic & We can Write Articles for you.

Social Media Advertising

Let us build targeted advertisments for you to be run on Social Media .

Cold Calling

Give us a Database ( Dialers are Optional ) , feel free to hear & use our Scripts or provide us with one of yours