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Secure Flawless Organic Growth With Your Current SEO Provider.

We manually inspect, audit and map your SEO and Social Media activities and turn it in useable reports and strategies that work for you and keep your providers accountable to deliver on their promises.

What We Do


Our team of SEO hawk-eyes meticulously analyzes the work of freelancers, in-house teams, and agencies.

Unmatched Expertise

Human Expertise Surpasses Automation . Every link is inspected for relevance and quality.

We Inspect Links

We translate data into a winning strategy, pinpointing what works, what's lacking, and where the most traffic gold lies.

Actionable Insights
Image of Reports

Take advantage of our proprietary Dataguard analysis technology which takes reports submitted by your SEO providers and converts all links, backlinks, articles, blogs, on-page and off-page analysis into data that you can use to create strategies that work for you. 

SEO Data that works for you

How SEO Provider Audits Can Work For You
See how SEO/SMO provider audits can help you reach your website goals .
SEO Tasks

SEO and social media activities become very large and unmanageable over time.

We map and monitor the acitivies over time and alert your providers, freelancers, in-house teams and you when they need to update broken links, correct grammar, check relevance, respond to posts, engage with audience, detect and compile reports that tell you what is working for you and what is not working for you

Map and Simplify the chaos 

Audits Boost ROI

Imagine hiring a personal trainer but never checking your progress. Regular SEO & SMO audits are like fitness check-ins for your website.

We analyze the work of your 3rd party providers, examining content, links, social media activity, and more. This ensures they're on track to achieve your goals, saving you time, money, and frustration.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving. What worked yesterday might not be optimal today. Regular audits act as a safety net, catching potential issues before they impact your website's performance.

Strong links are like recommendations for your website. Backlink audits check these links, ensuring they're from high-quality sites. Good ones boost your SEO and bring more visitors.

Backlink Checks

Fresh, helpful content is king for SEO! Thin AI content tricks users, not search engines. Audits expose these fakes, ensuring your site shines with valuable content that attracts visitors and boosts rankings.

Content Quality

Strong website structure is crucial for SEO. Many providers skip technical analysis, hurting rankings. An audit exposes issues like broken links or slow loading times. We helo fix these to ensure search engines can crawl your site effectively.

Technical Analysis

Right keywords are like a map for search engines! Some providers ignore relevance, hurting rankings for searches that matter. Audits expose mismatch between your content and targeted terms. Fix this to show up for relevant searches.

Keyword Relevance

Search engines keep evolving! Outdated SEO hurts rankings. Audits reveal if your provider adapts. Stay ahead with fresh strategies to keep your website visible in ever-changing search landscapes.

Algorithm Impact

SEO providers use complex reports that are hard to understand over time. This can hide errors like missing links or duplicate work hidden within massive amounts of data. Regular audits ensure clear reporting, catching these issues and saving you money.

Provider Report Audits

Essential checks included in every plan

Dedicated Support, 1:1 Onboarding, Seamless Integration & Secure Data

Essential Audit

Our "Essential" Audit dives deep into your SEO provider's work on your website. We analyze up to 5 keywords, 50 backlinks, and 2 blog posts. We'll assess both on-site optimization and off-page link building efforts, ensuring your SEO plan is on the right track.

Basic Audit

Our "Basic Audit" analyzes double the data of our "Essential" plan. We examine 10 keywords, 100 backlinks, & 4 blog posts, assessing both on-site optimization & off-page links. Get a clear picture of your SEO strategy's effectiveness.

eCommerce Audit

Our "eCommerce Audit" goes beyond the basics, analyzing double the data of our "Basic Audit." We delve into 20 keywords, 200 backlinks, & 8 blog posts, scrutinizing both on-site SEO & off-page links. Additionally, this plan includes a comprehensive SMO audit to assess your social media optimization, alongside in-depth audits of your ads & ROI. Gain a crystal-clear picture of your online strategy's effectiveness and optimize for maximum growth.

Plans & Prices

Vocal for Local. Informationon plans and pricing that works for you.

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Trusted Across The Global

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We Operate in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with More to Come.

We Consistently Deliver

Your business is personal and we work with you on a 1:1 basis. Expect a dedicated manager to stay in constant contact to understand and report to you directly, keep you in the loop.

Personal Attention

We connect with your SEO, SMO , Content providers and teams, we directly inspect their work & point out discuss the remedies where required, keeping you in the loop.

Seamless Integration

We know the importance of your business strategies & provide you with a non-compete, non-disclosure agreement so you know we are rooting for your success.


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