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Focus on your patients

Get the Support You Need to Better Care for Your Patients


reduce repetitive tasks and ease access to information

scheduling an appointment, searching a chart, writing an order, just to name a few—as easy as telling it what to do.

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One Assistant,
Multiple Roles

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Included in Every Plan

Stay updated at the click of a button. Communicate via phone, email or text.

We Listen,Learn & Train.

Pre-Trained Staff , Requires Minimum Guidance.  

100% Money-Back Guarantee For Unutilised Hours, 

Free Services of an Operations Manager & a Backup Assistant.

Your Dedicated Assistant is equipped with a local phone number and works when you do .... and

when you don't

Get Daily Work Reports.

 Review tasks & time it took to complete them. 

Error Free Work Guaranteed,

Experience Free Unlimited Work Corrections & Submissions well before Dead Lines. 

Customer Service is available for you 24 x 7

One Plan Covers All your work Requirements. No Add-ons.

Complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement, Business Associates Agreement. Lean 6 Sigma Practises, Certified HIPAA Compliant Staff 

Try Before you Buy.

Start with a No Strings Attached Free Trial.

No Lock-In Contracts After.

All Plans are customised to your unique requirements. All Prices are

All Inclusive. No Setup Fee, No Other Obligations .

Complimentary Lean Six Sigma Manager 


Reduction in Errors.

Our Double Check System Ensures that errors if any, are below 0.01%


Increased Customer Satisfaction has been recorded with our ever evolving system


Guarantee of Reduced Overhead expenses with our

All Inclusive System

Collaborate. Create.

Delegate tasks that are keeping you and your team busy.

The best way to get started is to make a list of tasks that need to get offloaded. 

Our Operations Team will reach out to you , understand the requirements , create SOP's for you , Train our Team to ensure that during your Free Trial Period , There are zero errors.

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