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House Viewing

Realtors Assistant

There are thousands of realtors & Real estate agents engaged in buying and selling homes and commercial properties for their clients.

However, some stand apart from the others by being great at their jobs, closing every deal with perfection, and really benefitting their clients.

They will usually have a Dedicated Assistant working in the Background.

Fixing the Roof

Property Management Assistants

Since most property managers are in charge of a number of properties at any time, the job can involve frantic work, unusual hours, and extremely difficult schedule coordination.

It takes strong communications skills, strong organizational skills, and a flair for numbers to handle this demanding position.


Experience Our Business Smart

Phone Services.


An assistant can make the call

When you Subscribe to our Phone Services, You have an Assistant to make outbound calls on your behalf to setup appointments, drop messages Or Even Simply Follow Up for Feedback from a recent showing .

Feel Free to give us your cold calling list .


collect leads & give information

Our Services are always around the requirements of our Clients.

They simply give us a set of information which they want to convey to potential clients  callers & we can easily do that for you. Add to this that you can leave specific Information for Specific Callers or a Type of Caller.

That's NOT ALL, We can send out emails, create follow-up Schedules & update you on callers who are interested in your services or products.

All This at No Additional Costs or Service Plans


not all callers are equal

prioritize your caller

We know all calls are Important, But some callers are more important than others - for example - Your clients looking to speak with you just before you can close the sale . We engage these callers & patch the call through to you. So that you do not miss out on what is important.

We ask you to determine the priority of callers as we start services & Improve with with each call.



GIVE Instant instructions

Imagine simply emailing or Texting Instructions on the Go & have them completed instantly. Example -

" Tell Bill Cosby I'm going running late, I will be there by 12 Noon"


" Send Martha Stevens A quote For the Plumbing Service & Follow Up Tomorrow with her once " 

Get Confirmations Once Your Instructions are Executed.

The 7 Day Assistant


Ideal For Companies , Teams , Professionals & Individuals who require Assistance 7 Days a Week . 

Online Discussion

Focus on what is


While Most people Typically Work 9 am to 5 pm , There are those of us who are mostly working 7 Days a Week.

Take for Example Realtors, They use Saturdays & Sundays for Showing Properties & are busy the rest of the week with various other tasks.

While a there are 7 Day Phone Answering Services which are Expensive & in our opinion not adequately skilled to make a conversation with Clients, Provide Feedback, Send Texts & SMS to For Locations , Update Instructions, Collaborate, Manage Emails, Update Social Media, Update Calendars , Set Appointments , Update CRM's , handle You Database , etc. 


With our 7 Day Assistant Service Our Clients are able to Focus on what is Really Important, while we ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background.

The Virtual Employee


A Virtual Employee is a Dedicated Assistant who works on Business Days either as Part Time or Full Time Employee. They can report to an Single or Multiple Supervisors as Required.

Working from Home

Part Time Assistant

A Part-Time Assistant works for 4 Hours every day from Monday - Friday ( Business Days ).

The Assistant is Interviewed by The Employer & Reports for work either from

9 Am - 12 Noon

1 Pm - 4 Pm 

The Assistant is Paid Weekly. No Over Time Available.

Restricted to 1 User Only


Virtual Employee

A Virtual Employee is a Dedicated Assistant who works as your Employee.

The Assistant is Interviewed by the Employer & Reports for Work on all business days for 9 Hours.

Main advantages of a Virtual Employee are that they can be asked to work weekends and also to work over time.

Assistants are Paid Monthly

No Limit on Users

The Ad-Hoc Assistant

Ad-Hoc Assistants or Pay As You Go Assistants as they are commonly known, are Available when you need them. You can easily increase or decrease the number of assistants required . The Employer only needs to Purchase The Work Hours.



An Ad-Hoc Assistant or Pay As You Go Assistant as they are commonly known is a Multi-Tasking Expert, They are Experts in a Variety of Areas such as Administrative Tasks, Social Media Management, Internet Marketing , Phone & Email Management, Light Graphic Editing, Content Writing , etc.

The Employer needs to purchase a minimum of 40 Hours That have a Validity of 45 Days & Let us know the day & time when the Assistant is Required to Report For Work.

For Example

Monday - 2 Pm - 4 Pm

Wednesday - 4 Pm - 6 Pm

Friday - 1 Pm - 4 Pm

The Employer Only Pays For the Hours of Work.

Needless to say , with more hours Purchased the Validity of those Hours Increases & The Price Reduces .

It is an Extremely Flexible Plan & Very Pocket Friendly.

Data Experts

Data comes in many forms, from many sources & is an Invaluable Asset to Everyone. That is why having a Expert work on your Data Management is Crucial. We undertake tasks such as Web Scraping, Database Cleansing, CRM Operations, CRM Migration, Content Writing, Ghost Writing, Contract Drafting, and other similar Data Oriented Tasks with utmost care. We Provide a Complimentary Non Disclosure Agreement To Each Client. 


 Data Experts

Give us your Data Centric Tasks - Like Updating your MLS , Listing Properties on Sites Like Zillow & , Cleaning your Data Lists , Shifting Your CRM, etc.

Our Teams Work 24x7 & can quickly complete most tasks with High Accuracy.

Research Experts

Tell us about the Data you require, Our Team can quickly & Very Accurately Research, Analyze , Compile Data & Generate Reports that is of interest to  you.

Computer Office Work
Travel Apps



Social Media Management is so much more than simply daily postings & increasing Followers. 

Social Media can do SO MUCH More for your Business.

Hire an Expert

Online Shopping



Advertising on the Internet is a Great Way to Get Started in Driving Potential Clients to your Website & Landing Pages.


However, Without Expertise & a Clear Understanding of the goals , This Often Turns into a very expensive experiment without much to show for it in terms of Returns on Investments .

Our Team of Experts can help you Create , Target, Streamline, Monitor & Adjust your Advertising Campaigns Across Search Engines & Social Media Platforms which comprise of the bulk of your Audience in the most cost effective manner 

Healthy Blog

Internet Marketing

While Advertising is a Great Way to Start , We also emphasize on the Importance of Marketing for a Longer Term Perspective.

Our Marketing Assistants Utilize more than just Paid Advertising, to get the word out.

They Reach Out In Different ways to provide a more Organic Growth Vertical which is more likely to drive in Traffic which can relate to More Sales Over Time, Even when the Paid Campaigns have Stopped . 


Video Editing

A Video Goes a Long Way & Having a Reliable In-House Video Editing Team is always a Great Advantage. We can Very Easily Work Along with your Existing Vendors & Start Decreasing Costs without compromising on quality

Video Editing

Graphic Designers

Our Graphics Team has always done a Great Job for our Clients - Irrespective of the Requirement , if its a Single Photo that requires a lighting adjustment or an entire portfolio for a blog that requires Editing .

Graphic Design Poster

Info Graphics

Increasingly Important - Infograhics & Explainer Animations are an Integral part of multiple Websites & Apps. They Help Bring Clients Convert their Visitors into Users & Our Teams spend time to analyze , Create & Test the correct Ones.

Chart One

We Do More .

Programming Console

Websites & Mobile Apps

100% Transfer of Source Code.

Our Awesome UI / UX Team can create some stunning Websites & Apps For you. In a World that in increasingly going Digital , Having a team that works for you 24 x 7 is a Big Advantage .


Our Service Consultants are Experts with Indepth Knowledge & Great Insights ,They may be able to provide you with some great tips & cost saving measures . 

Mobile App Design
Dentist Appointment




From Insurance Pre-Approvals to Insurance Claim Denial Management


Didn't Find the Services You Were Looking For ?

Reach Out To Our Service Consultants & Tell us about the Services you require for your Business .

If we don't already offer a service for what you are looking for , Our HR Team can very quickly Recruit & Train Candidates for you to Interview .

As Always there is No Charge for this Service & There is Always a 5 Day Free Trial for the Candidate you Select along with all our Services .

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