Frequently Answered Questions

Do the Virtual Assistants Address themselves as Our Employees or Virtual Assistants From The Assistants Company ?

The Virtual Assistants always Address themselves as Employees of your company .

It is Recommended to Provide your Virtual Assistant with an Email Address of your Company Domain . Incase you do Not - We will Provide the Virtual Assistant with an Email Address such as - [First Name] or [Your Company Name]

Can I ask my Virtual Assistant to use an Email Address Assigned By Me ?

Yes , As Long as you can provide us with a Username & Password for the Account & The Virtual Assistant can Address himself as another person i.e. If you had an Assistant by the Name of Steven or Michael & would like to continue using that name .

We can not however allow Virtual Assistants to Represent themselves as Public Figures or Un associated People, Such Requests are Not Entertained .

What are the Things a Virtual Assistant Will Not Do ?

Your Virtual Assistant will not

  1. Do Any Task that is not legal or appears fraudulent in nature or intention.
  2. Handle Payment Processing - General Virtual Assistants Do Not Handle Credit Card Payments .i.e. They can forward a Payment Link provided by you or Direct Your Clients to you for Accepting a Payment over the Phone - However we do not permit them to access Payment Terminals .
  3. Sale, Advertising or Association with Crypto Currency - We do NOT undertake any Association with Crypto Currencies of Any Sort ( This Includes SEO , Social Media & Advertising ) & Includes Popular currencies such as Bitcoin.

Can my Virtual Assistant Attend Team Meetings Via Video Confrencing ?

Absolutely. When you speak with your Operations Manager - Please let them know the Dates & Timing of the Meetings & we will ensure that a Confrence Room is Reserved for your meeting . There is No Extra Charge For This .

Does the same Virtual Assistant Report for my Work ?

Yes . Once you have selected a Virtual Assistant - They work as your Employees . They Report Directly to you

How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant ?

Once you sign up - we assign a Local Phone Number & Provide your Virtual Assistant an Independant Email Address for you to Communicate with you. In Addition to that you have access of the Contact Information of your Operations Manager who can be as Involved as you would like .

What if I am not satisfied with the Performance of My Virtual Assistant ?

In the Rare Occassion that your Virtual Assistant is not able to Perform to your expectations - You can should inform your Operations Manager . Your Operations Manager Resolves Issues via the Follow Modes

  1. Resolve any Mis-communication ( most issues are resolved here, Our Assistants are trained professionals & an issue usually comes up if the Instructions are not clear to them or if multiple instructions have been changed )
  2. Replace your Virtual Assistant with a New Assistant ( This Process takes 2 - 3 Days in Work Hand Over ) .
  3. Full Refund for Unutilized Hours . Incase you are not satisfied with your replacement Virtual Assistant - Simply Inform your Operations Manager & We will initiate a full refund for unutilized hours .

What do you mean by Full Refund of Unutilized Hours ?

Each Service Package has a number of hours that are purchased . As we compile the daily work reports - those hours are deducted from your total balance . When you ask for a refund we issue a refund for any Hours in Balance . What this means is If you purchased 40 Hours and were happy with work for 35 Hours - Your Refund Issued is for 5 Hours.

What is 100% Work Satisfaction Gaurantee ?

Our 100% Work Satisfaction Gaurantee ensures that you are never billed for any work with which you are not satisfied . Therefore if you have given your Virtual Assistant a Task to be completed & you are not satisfied with the Outcome - You can Inform them & they will re do the task - At No Extra Charge .

Can I change the Tasks Assigned to my Virtual Assistant ?

Yes , Your Virtual Assistant can be assigned tasks as and when you require . Incase your Existing Virtual Assistant is Incapable of Performing your New Tasks - We will Recommend that Task to be Either Given to an Alternate Assistant or Provide you with a New Virtual Assistant .

Can I Interview the Candidates before I decide to Hire them ?

Absolutely . Please schedule as many Interviews as Required . Please let your Operations Manager know .

How can I know what my Virtual Assistant is Working on ?

We Understand your concern ,

  1. We Provide you with a Daily Work Report . It is as Detailed as you Require .
  2. You can ask for a Screen Share Link - to allow you to view your Virtual Assistants Work Screen in Real Time . You can also ask your Virtual Assistant to Turn it & Keep it Active through the Day .
  3. We can Provide you with a Link to View The Documents your Virtual Assistant is Working on as they Happen .

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