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Dedicated Executive
Seamless Workflow
No Overheads

Think of your dedicated executive as your go-to person for anything, anytime, seamlessly adapting to your every need.

Our executives excel in delegation, adeptly juggling tasks, managing schedules, and providing indispensable support. They free you to focus on what matters most, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind.

Work when you do & don't

Executives work during your work hours, are available when you need them. They are will utilise our in-house team to complete urgent tasks at no extra cost when required. Imagine assigning a database that needs to be cleaned at 5 Pm today and getting it completed by 9 Am tomorrow at no extra cost.

Multi-Tasking Expert

Each executive is trained at effective multi-tasking , all you need to do is let them know what you need to get done .

Industry Knowledge

Executives have between 1 and 3 years of work experience in your industry so they can hit the ground running.

Direct Communications

Speak directly with your executive as you would any employee via phone, text, email, zoom, gmeet, whatsapp, slack or any other mode you prefer

How Versatile Are Our Executives? 

We asked Janelle Markgren , VP of Operations for to share her experience in work with our Executive Alex . 

Unmute to hear her review 

Only top 8% of  our team works as an executive with our clients

When our clients are looking to hire, they often prioritize certain qualities and skills that can contribute to their team's success. Important factors like being a college graduate amongst others. 

When working remotely, we ensure that the executives are able to deliver beyond the expectations of our clients

What sets our Executives Apart?

College Graudates

To be an executive, candidates must be college graduates. Our Interview process filters applicants who do not have a college degree .

Prior Work Experience

Our executives have prior work experience of 1 to 3 years on average. Our in-house training program elevates their knowledge base and experience before they can join our team .

Management Skills

Management skills like Agile, Lean, 6 Sigma and important aspects of becoming an effective executive.

Communication Skills

Executives are trained to communicate. not only with their employers but also within the team and if required with clients. Effective communication is an important part of becoming an executive

IT Skills

All executives are required to have knowledge of Industry leading software, CRMs and tools

Background Checked

We use 3rd party for background checks to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Dedicated Executives Thrive Together

Back-up Executive

Your will continue, Incase your primary Executive is on leave or otherwise unavailable - we will always have a back-up executive who is pre-trained.

Operations Team

From Data Entry and Graphics to Web and mobile development, We have a Full-Scale In-House Team to complete anything you need. 

Operations Manager

Your Operations Manager ensures your work is error free and seamless. From Training to Scaling up and down - They handle it for you

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