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Start with a no-strings-attached, Free Trial to evaluate and experience how delegating your work to an executive can increase your productivity.

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Tell us a little about the work you want to assign and delegate to us.

Fine Tune

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Review & Approve

Review the work that has been submitted & approve it.

Communicate, Delegate.

Start your journey of delegating tasks to a dedicated assistant by evaluating our services with a Free Trial.

Use cases for types of tasks you can delegate right away

CRM Management

I need an executive to manage customer relationship management (CRM) software, update contact information, and track interactions using Salesforce or Zoho CRM.

Customer Support

I need an executive to handle customer inquiries and support requests, and manage live chat and social media messages using Zendesk or Freshdesk.

Bookkeeping and Invoicing

I need an executive to maintain financial records and track expenses, and generate and send invoices to clients using QuickBooks or Xero.


I need an executive to conduct market research and competitor analysis, and find potential business opportunities and partnerships using Google Search and SEMrush.

Administrative Tasks

I need an executive to prepare reports, presentations, and documents, and manage and organize digital files and records using Microsoft Office or Google Workspace.

Project Management

I need an executive to track project progress and deadlines, and coordinate tasks and communicate with team members using Trello or Asana.

Supplier and Vendor Communication

I need an executive to handle correspondence with suppliers and vendors, and negotiate contracts and manage orders using Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Social Media Management

I need an executive to create, schedule, and post content on social media platforms, and engage with followers and monitor social media activity using Hootsuite or Buffer.

Data Analysis and Reporting

I need an executive to analyze business data, generate reports, and provide insights for decision-making using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Email Marketing

I need an executive to create and send email marketing campaigns, and track their performance using Mailchimp or Constant Contact.

Assign & delegate any task you need to get off your plate.

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