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Smoother Operations
with a Plan-B.

Every plan includes a back-up executive, absolutely free of cost to ensures your work is completed on-time every time.

What does a back-up executive do?

Our Backup executives shadow your dedicated executives, document all your instructions, and help in managing extra workloads and in scaling your team when the opportunity arises.

Above All, They help us ensure that your work moves ahead seamlessly because they step in if your dedicated executive is unavailable for any reason. 

Manage Workloads

Back-up executives help in managing workloads on days when you have extra work and need it done in a specific timeframe.

Instantly Scale

With a back-up assistant you can instantly increase your dedicated executives and assign them to other members of your team instantly.

There When You Need

Back-Up Executives step in when your dedicated Executive is not available for any reason.

Seamless Transitions

The Tranisition of work between a backup & your dedicated executive is designed to be seamless

An executive with less than 1 year of Industry experience works as a back-up executive. 

A Backup Executive Is Mentored and Trained

Dedicated Executive

Always connect with the same Executive who has been working for you so you can pick up where you left instantly 

Operations Team

From Data Entry and Graphics to Web and mobile development, We have a Full-Scale In-House Team to complete anything you need. 

Operations Manager

Your Operations Manager ensures your work is error free and seamless. From Training to Scaling up and down - They handle it for you

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